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Sargo 25 Boat Test

Buyer’s guide to the Fairline Phantom 43AC

DIY Turbo Boost Gauge install

Fishing for Plaice

Gloucester Docks destination guide

Project boat update

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Motorboat Owner Covid-19 UPDATE

Message from Motorboat Owner Editor, Neale Byart

“Well what a strange month that has been. We started out with some concerns about a new virus that we were only just beginning to learn about and ended up confined to our home, unable to see friends and family. Many marinas have been locked up and, for some, access to our boats prohibited. No sooner has the season begun than we have had it torn away from us, understandably so given what is going on, but that doesn’t diminish the disappointment that I’m sure we are all experiencing.

At MBO we travel quite a bit every month to produce each issue and, suddenly, all of this ‘non-essential’ travel is forbidden. Luckily, this month we managed to do most of it before the lockdown, but our ongoing schedule has been decimated. I am sure that you are all also aware that we rely on support from the fantastic industry that we represent, an industry that, like many others, will be suffering the ramifications of this shutdown.

We have thought long and hard about our next move and have decided, reluctantly, to suspend publication of Motorboat Owner while this crisis passes. We will be back with renewed vigour, hopefully sooner rather than later, and trust that you will stick with us through this unplanned hiatus.

We will remain active on our Twitter and Facebook pages and, for those that haven’t already discovered it, you will still have access to our back issues section that now contains over 80 issues to download and read. We will also keep you updated about the magazine on our website, so please check in regularly.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that this passes quickly so that we are all able to benefit from however much of the season is left when it is finally over, and we wish to offer our heartfelt best wishes to all of our readers, and all of those in the marine industry.”

If you are finding yourself with a little more time on your hands we would love to hear from you.
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Stay safe

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