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Calor Gas cylinder changes?

Motorboat Owner has contacted Calor GB in response to cylinder shape change rumour

In late November, Motorboat Owner was alerted to a rumour that Calor could be changing the shape/dimensions of its 4.5kg butane cylinders. It was said that these would be taller and narrower (with a wider base), which would cause problems for many existing gas locker designs. The existing cylinder (pictured) is (H 340mm x W240mm) and is currently out of stock. Through communications with Calor GB, the company said “Regulations concerning valve protection have changed and therefore there will be a change to the dimensions of the 4.5kg and 3.9kg cylinders. Calor GB have not purchased any of these new cylinders and do not currently have plans to do so.” Calor added “When these new cylinders are purchased, the majority of the cylinders will still be in the old dimensions and we will continue to have plenty of these available for years to come.” A source in Ireland added “In Ireland they (Calor) seem to be far along the process of introducing the new larger cylinders. It is almost impossible to get the traditional smaller ones now.”

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